LOS Integrated Marketing Automation

Automated Email & Print Marketing Fully Integrated with Your LOS.  Custom-Designed Campaigns & Content Delivered to Targeted Recipients.

In-House Design Services

Summit Mortgage Branches Have Access to Complimentary Graphic Design Services. Off the Shelf Templates or Fully Custom Content at Your Fingertips.

Full-Service Marketing Support

Print / Online Advertising, Direct Mail, Email Marketing, Web-Based Lead Generation, Website Marketing Support. We’ve Got It All.

Automated Marketing System

If you’re looking for automated drip campaigns, triggered off of your LOS data, Summit Mortgage is the place for you. Our marketing system is fully integrated with our Byte LOS, including same day data updates, which allows you to send the right message at the right time without having to leave your LOS.

  • Completely Customized Email and Print Mail Marketing Campaigns
  • Automatic Data Upload from Summit’s LOS
  • Event Triggered Drip Campaigns
  • Automated Past Client & Referral Partner Communications including: Birthdays, Newsletters and Market Updates
  • Advanced Data Segmentation for Marketing Campaigns
  • Flexibility to be as Hands On or Hands Off as You Want

Loan Automated Notification System (LANS)

Keep in touch with all parties on your loan transactions with LANS, a system of automated email updates triggered off your loan status changes. Both borrowers and partners love the additional communication, while freeing you the Loan Officer up to spend your time on other tasks like growing your business and working the loans in process.

As the Loan Officer, you have complete control over which party receives which updates, to fit your personal business preference and style. Each notification email was designed with specific value adds to improve the customer experience including:

  • Current Loan Status, What It Means for the Borrower and What to Expect Next
  • Borrower Name and Loan Status in the Subject Line. You and Your Partners Don’t Even Have to Open the Email to See the Status!
  • Home Buyer Tips Written Specifically to Engage Your Clients and Enhance Their Overall Experience
  • Badges at Key Points in the Process, Adding Fun to a what can be a Stressful Time for Them
  • Personalized with Loan Officer Photo, Contact Info and Delivered from LO Email Address

This system is a fantastic door opener for creating new relationships on every transaction, especially with agents and is FREE for Summit Loan Officers. Watch the video to learn more!

Custom-Designed Marketing Collateral At Your Fingertips

Summit Mortgage Marketing offers a sophisticated marketing wizard website, providing approved marketing collateral that can be personalized with your photo and contact information in less than a minute right from your desktop. Did we mention this is FREE for Summit Loan Officers? Templates include:

  • Open House Flyers with Pricing Pulled in from our LOS
  • Co-branded Marketing Flyers & Mailers
  • Direct Mail Collateral
  • Personalized Marketing Flyers, Brochures, Postcards, etc.
  • Ratesheet Updates for Agents

Perfect for last minute meetings and events, Summit originators have access to a variety of professionally-designed collateral covering the various products and services you offer.

Watch the video to see how fast and easy it can be to have customized collateral designed to help you stand out.

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